December 15, 2017


Objective: Fun, clean hard racing while building relationships with other drivers and teams.

*Public criticism of league admins or the league itself results in permanent and immediate banishment.*

TeamSpeak details for the league:

  1. In order to receive race payout and bonus points you must run Series Contingency pack.
  2. You are considered a probationary member if:
    1. You have completed less than 3 races with SRST.
    2. You have been placed on probation by league officials for racing actions.  
  3. No drop weeks, but win and you are into the playoffs.  
  4. There will be 8 playoff drivers .  
    1. Win and you are in.
    2. If 8 different winners during the regular season of 8 races then 9th race at Iowa for non-winners will add a 9th car to the playoffs.
    3. If the total drivers with a win is less than 8 after the Iowa race, then points will determine balance of field.
    4. Win within first three playoff races and go to final race to compete for the title.  Non-winners will advance based on points.
    5. After 3 playoff races, top 4 go to final race for the title.  Highest finisher in race is champion.
  5. Points are awarded as follows:
    1. First place gets 24 points with each subsequent place being awarded one less point.
    2. Regular season winners will receive 3 playoff bonus points.
    3. Leading a lap and leading most laps will each reward 1 bonus point.
  6. Practices begin each week at 8:30PM EST.  
  7. Drivers meeting is at 9:10PM EST and is mandatory.  During this time a mic check of all drivers is required.  Failure to respond via mic is failure to attend and EOL start.
  8. Qualifying begins at 9:15PM and goes to 9:20PM.   2 laps.
  9. A random invert up to 10 cars decided by an app broadcast on our live stream will set the invert for the race.  Race will occur in a separate server that will launch at 9:25PM and grid at 9:30PM.
  10. Top 21 cars based on speed will make the field with 3 provisionals for non-probationary members.  Total field size of 24.
  11. Throughout the season, previous week winner must start EOL.  This is true for all races EXCEPT:
    1. First race of playoffs.
    2. Final race of the year.
  12. Taking more tires than advertised for the event and not immediately claiming will result in 0 points awarded.
  13. Taking more tires than advertised and claiming it will result in a black flag hold of 30 seconds.  
  14. All starts and restarts are double file with leader lane choice.  Leader must declare during the two to go lap or will be forced to restart inside. Lapped cars to the rear.
  15. All starts and restarts are go on green.
  16. Cars must stay in line until after the start/finish line.
  17. If you cause a wreck, claim it.  Penalty is EOL.  Failure to do so will result in more serious penalty post-race.
  18. There are no admin issued wave arounds.  Lucky dog only.
  19. No fast repairs.
  20. Black flags are only cleared due to issues with iRacing.  If you ask for a black flag clear you must clearly state the reason why.  If during post-race review it is found your black flag was not a clearable flag, you will earn 0 points.
  21. Failure of the top 3 finishers to be in teamspeak and available for post-race broadcaster interview will result in an encumbered win and EOL lead lap points.